PaulineMaxx – 2 orgasms


2 orgasms

ORDER:Video begins with PAULINA sitting on the floor in her living room totally nude. She talks to the camera as if I was in the room with her, and stands up, asking me how I like her body. She squeezes her tits up close to the camera, and licks her lips close up as well. She thanks me for the Hitachi vibe, and says she wants me to watch her use it. She then lies down on the floor facing the camera and uses her Hitachi vibe to masturbate with, and brings herself to several intense moaning orgasms. Afterwards, she leans up and says to the camera, I want to end this session with one more huge orgasm!! She grabs her Hitachi again, and lays back and uses it on herself and brings herself to a super intense orgasm, one that rocks her whole body and leaves her shaking and gasping for breath on the floor. After she recovers, she leans back up and looks at the camera smiling and says, I love making myself cum!!! Please fuck me!! I need a hard cock so bad!! PAULINA then lays back down and spread

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PaulineMaxx – 2 orgasms

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